Infinity A Massage Chair

South Africa’s First Massage Chair with an L – Track Roller Massager and a Zero Gravity Function.

Electro Medics has unveiled the next generation of massage chairs.

The challenge: “How do we take what many consider to be the best massage chairs in the industry and make them even better?”

The result: The Electro Medics Zero 6 Massage Chair.

Electro Medics inspired its designers to create the most human-like massage chair in the industry with a traditional, yet mainstream look & appeal. With luxury like a Rolls Royce, the curves and bends of every dimension of the Zero 6 creates a powerful presence you would expect from Electro Medics as a result of our desire to construct the best massage chairs in the industry, in an ever changing world.

Another truly defining feature of the Electro Medics Zero 6 is designed to reflect the principles of zero gravity that NASA uses in all of its space capsule seats. Using the concept of zero gravity allows the chair to mimic an unadulterated weightless experience, like that which astronauts experience in space.

Rejuvenating ambiance with its wireless music capabilities. This allows you to fully appreciate the Electro Medics Zero 6 audio system, creating a one of a kind therapeutic experience in your own office or home.

The Zero 6 is proud to the first massage chair in its range to have an L – Track Massage Roller System built to conform to the spines natural shape for alleviating spinal tension and providing long lasting comfort to its reflexology foot rollers to cure fatigue in your feet, makes the ride to relaxation a remarkable and rewarding performance.

Designed without compromise, Electro Medics has once again redefined the massage chair.

R55,000.00 R45,000.00


Product Features Include:

  • Hand held remote controller
  • Auto timer
  • Fully Wireless Music
  • Illuminated buttons on the remote
  • Built in Wrist and Arm Massage
  • Massage Rollers under soles
  • Four auto function
  • One auto reclining button
  • Zero gravity position
  • Extendable Leg-rest
  • Three levels of airbag strength can be selected
  • You are able to adjust the combination of airbag massage
  • Able to adjust shoulder width with a touch of a button: Narrow, Middle, Wide
  • Three adjustable zones for back massage: Overall massage zone, Partial massage zone, Fixed massage zone


Our Massage Chair is Built to Stand the Test of Time

  • Hand Built and Hand Wrapped
  • Backed by 3 Decades of Research and Development
  • Lifetime Live Technical Support
  • Chemically Bonded to prevent loosening due to mechanical vibrations
  • Nano Protected, prolonging the service by simply insulating the massage chair from corrosion
  • Free Delivery and Free Installation
  • Industrial Quality
  • 6 Year “Peace of Mind” Warranty

Approved by the:

  • NRCS – National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications in South Africa
  • CE – Certificate of Conformity

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